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"How should Japanese leaders manage non-Japanese team?" The 3rd Session The 2nd Round Table The 2nd Session The First Round Table Hosted by NISSAN Inaugural Session

"How should Japanese leaders manage non-Japanese team?" on May.16th 2022

Three Japanese leaders who are successfully managing international teams shared their insights and management challenges.

Shuichi Sakamoto, Director of the Board, Executive Officer, AsahiKASEI, has been successfully managing a group of acquired US companies and continuously increasing the value of AkahiKasei’s pharmaceutical business.

Kozo Hanada, APAC Director, WCG Clinical Endpoint Solutions, has been successfully managing a group of international members in Japan and establishing a strong project management business team of WCG’s APAC business.

Julian Fogarty, Chief Product Officer, IDOM Innovations, has been successfully driving a IDOM’s venture business in Australia.

The discussions was moderated by Satoshi Ishizaka, Chief Director, Third Way Forum.

- Online event(ZOOM)

The First Round Table Hosted by NISSAN on Dec.12th 2018

Round Table Recap:
Third Way Forum's first round table hosted by Nissan was fired up with energetic discussions on the path toward the Third Way!

On December 12th, at Nissan’s Global HQs Gallery, more than 30 foreign professionals gathered together to discuss the issues and possible solutions for the future of Japanese global companies. It was a really mixed crowd of male and female, long-timers and new arrivals, Westerners and Asians, young and senior leaders.

After a presentation given by Nissan on its development program for Japanese business leaders, passionate discussions followed, including a series of Q&As, and many participants shared their strong desires to improve the challenging situations their companies are facing.

“It was difficult to wrap up the discussion. We could probably discuss until the morning given the high spirit of the round table participants. It is fantastic to see that the Third Way Forum is getting traction from many highly professional foreigners working in Japan. I am excited to see what Third Way Forum will grow into in the near future and what kind of impact and contribution we could collectively deliver for the progress of the Japanese business community,” said Satoshi Ishizaka, Chief Director of Third Way Forum.

Special thanks to Mr. Alex Marteau, GM, Global Talent Mgmt and Mr. Shintaro Mizuta, Manager, Japan Talent Mgmt of Nissan for hosting us at the beautiful Nissan Gallery and giving us a thought-provoking presentation.

Inaugural Session on Sept.10th 2018

The historical first step

About 50 international leaders & professionals from 23 companies with more than 20 nationalities gathered at Ark Hills Club on Sept. 10th 2018 to launch The Third Way Forum.

The founder, Reiji Shibata’s strong opening speech urged the participants to build a strong collective voice for the international business community in Japan in order to powerfully change Japanese companies.

The pre-survey results showed that most of participants were planning to work in Japan for a long time and they believed that Japanese companies could globally succeed if a more global mindset is adapted.

There was a productive panel discussion with leaders from Suntory, Nissan, JT and Takeda, which stirred a lot of discussion around the difficulties of developing young Japanese talent.
And the participants enthusiastically networked, sharing their current realities and challenges, continuing even after the event was over.

The preparation committee leader, Satoshi Ishizaka’s speech on the need for building the Third Way corporate culture (neither salaryman culture nor foreign company culture) that makes sense both in Japan and globally resonated with participants.

Now the Third Way Forum has officially begun.

Let’s work together to grow and expand it.