What is "Third Way Forum"

A platform for international business leaders whose talents and ideas may be underutilized in Japanese companies to develop a collective voice to shape the future of “Japanese Global” companies.

Third Way Forum Charter


With growing overseas business and a rapid increase of foreign employees, many Japanese and non-Japanese companies are still striving to globalize. Many highly skilled professionals are still underutilized, under-represented and under-supported. For a long time, there has been an “us vs them” mentality between the Japanese corporate culture and the foreign company’s global corporate culture.
Now more than ever, we need to seek a Third Way Corporate Culture that makes sense both in Japan and globally, benefiting both Japanese and foreign business professionals alike, and making all companies in Japan more successful globally.


To shape a new corporate culture (the Third Way) that makes companies more competitive globally by developing a solution-oriented, collective voice of international business professionals, and helps their successful inclusion into the Japanese business society.
To improve the working environment for all professionals accompanied by their sense of fulfillment with work in Japan.


Regular Forum Sessions, Roundtable Discussions, Sub-Forum Activities, Surveys & Reports, Online Community, Advisory Support, etc.

Third Way Forum Meeting/Events Calendar

Upcoming Events

Postponed The 3rd Round Table Hosted by Yusen Logistics

Sign up for the round table by 15 March to help us better organize the event. If the coronavirus concern grows, we will notify you immediately with postponement data.

Bring your colleagues!
Let’s grow the Third Way Forum to be a voice noticed in Japan!

More international leaders from Japanese companies to attend.

Assimilation, Communication, & Career Advancement committees to be introduced. Participate in moving their vision forward.

A fantastic networking opportunity to connect with leaders nobly striving to make real change in Japan!

- Postponed
- Sumitomo Fudosan Shiba-Koen Tower 2-11-1, Shiba-Koen Minato-ku Tokyo 105-0011, Japan
Target participants
- Foreign executives, managers and employees working in Japanese companies
- Places are limited, early registration is recommended.
- Free



profile shibata

Reiji Shibata

Indigo Blue Co.,Ltd.

Representative director & Chairman

Chief Director

profile ishizaka

Satoshi Ishizaka

Asian Caesars

Chief Executive Officer

Deputy Chief Director 

profile gary

Gary Vierheller



Associate Director 

profile Adam

Stefan Jansche

Reiwa Advisors K.K.

Chief Executive Officer

Public Relation 

profile Adam

Adam Kassab

TERUMO Corporation

Human Resource Development Leader

Project Office

Dean Weston

Stefan Jansche

Vladimyr Cessant

Yuki Sakuragi

Kazumi Sasaki

Toshiki Otsu